Cave Churches, Catacombs, and House Churches

Cave churches and catacombs are found all around Cyprus, and perhaps there is also evidence of one or more church houses. Christianity came early to Cyprus in 34AD, and the Followers of the Way had to have safe meeting places where they could hear the ‘Good News.’

The persecutions of Christians was not a daily occurrence, and often there were long periods of time when Christians lived in peace with those around them. For almost 250 years until the Edict of Milan they could take not chances, however; when the community wanted to gather, they removed themselves to isolated, private places.

The two main cave areas of worship, first for pagans, later for Christians

St Hilarion Underground Church Complex at Paphos
(dating to the 4th Century)

The Tomb of St Barnabas

Catacomb of St Barnabas
(dating to 1st Century)


Coastal side of the Kyrenia Catacombs

Kyrenia Carved Cave Churches
(dating to the 4th Century)

Inside the Ayia Thekla Cave Chapel, looking at the entrance

Ayia Thekla Cave Chapel
(date unknown)

Apse of Soli Basilica with three of the four church construction layers marked

House Church of Soloi
(dating to the 1st Century)


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