Chi Rho: The Monogram of Christ

Chi Rho – The Divine Symbol revealed to Constantine, and also found on the bronze ring at Kourion.

The Chi-Rho Symbol etched into the Bronze Ring worn by the Christian Father.

The Greek letters X (Ch) + P (R) are the first two letters of the Greek word ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ pronounced ‘Christos’.

These initials are known an “The Monogram of Christ” CHR = XP.

For those who are not familiar with the Greek Alphabet, perhaps this explanation will be helpful.

The Greek letter  X = Ch and the letter P = R    (The letter that looks like a P in English is a Greek R.)  In English the monogram would read CHR, and in Greek it would be written as XP and pronounced /Chi-Rho/

This symbol is composed of the P superimposed on top of the X.

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