Sterling Silver Ring of Christ - Boxed

Ring of Christ™ is a sterling silver reproduction of a bronze ring which dates to 365 AD; the original was unearthed by an archaeological team from the University of Arizona in 1987 at the Earthquake House in Kourion, Cyprus. This piece of Christian jewelry etched with the Chi Rho is one of the oldest ever discovered with the remains of the person who wore it. That person was a Christian father who died shielding his family.

Little is known of the man who wore the Christian ring, but what archaeologists do know is that he was a young father who used his body to protect his wife and baby from falling stones of the marketplace when the cataclysmic earthquake hit Cyprus in the early morning of July 21, 365AD. The massive 8.0+ quake devastated not only Crete where it originated, but also the island of Cyprus and many of the eastern Mediterranean coastal cities.

Chi-Rho the Symbol of Triumph

The Greek letters Chi “Χ“and Rho “P” were etched on the bronze ring. The two letters, superimposed, form the symbol that was seen in the sky by Constantine on the night before the great battle at Milvian Bridge on October 28, 312AD. Constantine not only saw the symbol but also heard a loud voice telling him: “With this triumph!” The emperor of the eastern Roman empire, who was not fully Christian at the time, for he still worshiped the Roman sun-god, Sol Invictus, never-the-less ordered that the symbol be put on his army’s shields before they marched into battle. The Chi Rho, the monogram of Christ, was carried by his soldiers the next day. Constantine conquered his opponent, Maxentius, and became emperor of the whole Roman Empire, both eastern and western.

Painting depicting Constantine receiving the Chi Rho
Painting depicting Constantine receiving the Chi Rho

The Chi-Rho symbol was etched on the ring found at the earthquake house. It was within 50 years of the battle that this Christian ring was being worn publicly in Kourion. There is no way to know if the wearer made it himself, but what is known is that he was a Christian. Dating to the great earthquake of 365 A.D. makes this ring one of the earliest pieces of Christian jewelry ever found, which incorporates the monogram of Christ with the alpha and omega.

Chi-Rho: Christian Symbol of the 4th Century

Christians of the empire well knew what this symbol meant, so the father and his family were surely Followers of the Way. While the wearing of Christian jewelry is commonplace today, few people can imagine what it meant for this young man to openly wear a sign of his Faith in the fourth century when Christian persecution was still a possibility, and when the Apostolic churches were just starting to prosper. Christianity would not become the Empire’s official religion until 391AD under Theodosius; then a year later in 392 AD after his death, Valentinian II banned pagan sacrifices and closed pagan temples once and for all. It was then that Christianity became the recognized religion of the Roman Empire.

The Father’s Ring is One of a Kind

The father’s Chi-Rho ring without doubt holds a special place in our Faith’s history, for this story of a father’s love with its timeless message is no less significant to contemporary life today than it was all those centuries ago.

The Man who Makes the Ring of Christ™

Pantelis Kouvaros – Master Jeweler of Cyprus

Pantelis is the master jeweler who created the Ring of Christ™ reproduction, based on the original design.

He carefully compared our design to a photo of the original in the Kourion Museum, then agreed to realize our vision. He created a wax mold and produced the first prototype which we slightly modified. After minimal revisions, his hand-crafted artistic creation became The Ring of Christ ™ .

His enthusiasm for our project, his dedication, and his expertise have earned him our highest respect as a true master of his craft, for he makes every ring himself.

Zeus Gold Collection, his jewelry store and workshop are located on Zenonos Kitieos Street in downtown Larnaca, Cyprus. In the age-old tradition, he still creates original works in 18K to 22K gold and sterling silver. Ours was not an unusual request because even today Cypriots often have jewelry custom-made for them.

Rings of Christ™ Return to Kourion

Rings of Christ at the Kourion Earthquake House
Rings of Christ placed at the Kourion Earthquake House

Once Pantelis’ work is done, the rings are taken to the Earthquake House and placed in the room where the original was unearthed. We feel that this simple act creates a bond between the buyer and the young father who fearlessly wore the Monogram of Christ as a sign of his Christian faith.

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