The Original Ring of Christ

This ancient Christian Chi-Rho ring was unearthed in 1987 in the ruins of the Earthquake House in Kourion, on the island of Cyprus. It belonged to a young father who tried to shield his wife and infant with his own body as their home crumbled upon them during the cataclysmic earthquake of 365 AD.  He wore a bronze ring etched with the Monogram of Christ, Chi-Rho and Alpha-Omega; it is perhaps the earliest piece of Christian jewelry ever found with the person who had worn it.

Davis Soren (bottom) and his archaeological excavation teamThe archaeological team from the University of Arizona discovered the skeletal remains and the ring in 1987 at what is known today as the Earthquake House. A detailed account of the entire excavation can be read in the book, Kourion: The Search for the Lost Roman City by David Soren and Jamie James.

The Kourion Earthquake House, viewed from above the ring's find spot
The Kourion Earthquake House
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